• Argentum programming language automates memory management without using Garbage Collector, so no sudden pauses.
  • Unlike Rust/Swift it doesn't have memory leaks caused by cycles in pointers. It doesn't have memory leaks at all.
  • It's memory-safe, type-safe, null-safe, thread-safe, const-safe, array-index-safe and so on.
  • It compiles to machine code. It's crazy fast and small. It has a straightforward interop with C.

Try Argentum compiler:

Hello world in Argentum:

using sys { log }     // Import function `log` from module `sys`
log("Hello world")    // Call it

More examples are here: 99 bottles of beer, Tutorials


All publications and articles related to the Argentum features and ideas that were published to the broader audience:



Project status

  • Windows Demo
    • 0.0.0 working Windows SDL examples: hello_world + sdl
    • 0.0.1 added string module, supported \n \r \t \ff\ \ffff\ \10ffff\ escape characters
    • 0.0.2 added modules with module-bound names, + module-level imports, + aliases
    • 0.0.3 added shared objects, immutable objects, weak and owning pointers to frozen objects, const pointers, const methods, module level constants, freeze operation, splicing, parent pointers.
    • 0.04 multiline string literals, string interpolation
    • 0.0.5 parameterized classes (generics), platform class/interface methods.
    • 0.0.6 debugger v1
    • 0.0.7 multithreading
  • Argentum got immutable objects and shared ownership (aggregation)
  • May 17. Argentum got Multiline raw string constants and String interpolation
  • May 26. Argentum got generics, and FFI-methods.
  • May 30. Debugger v0 Breakpoints, stepping, local vars of primitive types
  • June 5. Debugger v1 Object inspection, watch expressions, strings and limited arrays.
  • July 28. Multithreading. Asynchronous message passing.