Argentum - a new programming language that is safe, scalable, fast and tiny.

  • It is memory safe, type safe, null-safe, array-index safe and so on. It is safe.
  • It automates memory management, and object hierarchy management.
  • Unlike Rust and Swift it guarantees absence of memory leaks and doesn't force you to use unsafe hacks. It has no unsafe mode at all.
  • Unlike Java, Go, JS and Python, it doesn't use garbage collector, so no sudden pauses and overheads, and leaks.
  • It has precise predictable object disposal moments, so objects can control any resources, not just memory.
  • It compiles to machine code producing tiny executables with no extra dependencies.
  • It has multithreading without deadlocks and data races.
  • It is simple and expressive, crazy fast and memory-effective.
  • And its interop with C is mostly a pass-through.

Try Argentum compiler:

Hello world in Argentum:

using sys { log }     // Import function `log` from module `sys`
log("Hello world")    // Call it

More examples are here: SQLite example, Web client example, Tutorials


All publications and articles related to the Argentum features and ideas that were published to the broader audience:



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