Install Argentum demo on the SteamDeck (Arch Linux)

Steam-OS specific tasks

Steam Deck is an Arch Linux machine with slightly tweaked environment.
So first let's first convert it to some more standard Linux.

  1. Switch to Desktop mode
  2. Attach monitor, keyboard, mouse (if you like)
  3. Open Konsole and:
# Set the root password:
> set one you like

# Switch root file system into read-write mode
# (otherwise only flatpack apps could work)
sudo btrfs property set -ts / ro false
# or
sudo steamos-readonly disable

# Prepare the package manager to work with standard ArchLinux app catalogs
sudo pacman-key –init
sudo pacman-key –populate archlinux holo

Download and install the Argentum demo

Argentum demo goes in the form of DEB package. Arch Linux can't in DEBs, but there are two work-arounds:

  • Convert it with debtap
  • Or extract it and install manually.

I tried debtap but it didn't work on Steam-OS. So here is the option #2:

# Download DEB
mkdir ~/ag && cd $_
wget -O aglan_0.0-1_amd64.deb \

# Extract content of the DEB package
ar xv aglan_0.0-1_amd64.deb data.tar.zst
tar -xf data.tar.zst

# Install compiler to /usr/bin/agc
# ..runtime-lib to /usr/lib/aglan/*
# ..and all examples and scripts to /usr/share/aglan/*
sudo cp -r usr /
rm -r usr

Install dependencies:

# GCC for linker
sudo pacman -S gcc

# SDL2 for graphics demo
sudo pacman -S sdl2
sudo pacman -S sdl2_image

Run it


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