What is Argentum

Argentum is a new programming language compiled to machine code for both AOT and JIT.
It's main features are:

  • Absence of memory leaks at no extra cost.
  • Type safety.
  • Memory safety.
  • Absence of NULLs.
  • Optional-based control flow.
  • Built-in tests.
  • Modularity and versioning.
  • Absence of shared mutable state.

And also:

  • it's crazy fast and memory-effective.
  • Its executables are tiny (so far hello_world.exe is just a 12Kb with no extra dependencies).
  • And its interop with C is mostly pass-through.


  1. By pure chance, I happened upon this site and if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to impart some advice:

    1. If this site concerns a new programming language, it would be beneficial to include examples of code written in that language.
    2. It would be advantageous to provide a playground page where visitors can experiment and engage with the language.
    3. Syntax is of utmost importance when acquainting oneself with a programming language, yet the site provides no description of it whatsoever.
    4. A programming language must possess a “killer feature” in order to capture anyone’s interest. It’s possible that Argentum has such a feature, however it’s not been mentioned on the first page.

    By implementing these suggestions, you can increase the likelihood of capturing the interest and engagement of potential users.

    Yours sincerely,

    • Three reasons:
      1. Rust does _not_ prevent memory leaks, while Argentum does: https://doc.rust-lang.org/book/ch15-06-reference-cycles.html
      2. Rust code is very verbose, hard to read and write:
      Rust: `let mut x: `lifetime i64 = 19;`
      Ag: `x = 19;`
      3. Rust forces programmer to micromanage object lifetimes, aliasing, object hierarchies handling, which is good for a low-level system programming language but doesn’t fit high-level applications. In Argentum it’s all automated.
      I’ll make a post with the detailed comparison.
      Thanks for your question.

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