Windows Demo v0

It's just released: a demo that lets everyone to try the Argentum programming language on Windows.

Download link:  argentum-demo.7z

It contains:

  • a command line Argentum compiler (agc.exe) and LLVM linker,
  • simple bindings to SDL,
  • and a couple of examples.

Short instruction:

  • download,
  • extract anywhere,
  • read the,
  • go to the workdir folder, and launch cmd.
  • copy and paste these three commands to compile, link and execute the hello world application:
..\bin\agc.exe -src ..\src -start helloWorld -o hw.obj

..\bin\lld-link.exe /libpath:..\libs hw.obj ..\libs\ag_runtime.lib


For the SDL graphical demo application do these three commands:

..\bin\agc.exe -src ..\src -start demo -o demo.obj

..\bin\lld-link.exe /libpath:..\libs demo.obj ..\libs\ag_runtime.lib ..\libs\SDL2.lib ..\libs\SDL2_image.lib


Play with `*.ag` files in `src` directory to see how the language works.

This is a big day for the project. Starting today all examples and tutorials can be replicated by anyone and anyone can start using Argentum compiler to freely play with the language.

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